can you trust again..

Broken trust is like broken glass they say you cannot trust that person again. But what about other people can we trust anyone else again ? We are hurt by many people, many words, yet we move on and yet we trust other people and life goes on. With that I also saw  that with every betrayal a wall starts building and every new injury is another brick to this wall. There comes a time when the wall becomes so high its hard to get in. And that’s when our heart really starts to break. The world damages our soul to a limit where we are punished with solitude for a crime we didn’t commit. How do I protect myself ? Build a wall before someone builds it for me. I don’t know the answer I don’t know if you should trust someone again or if you should stay inside my walls. The truth is in the end you’ll always left with solitude and that’s what you really should be afraid of. That’s the bitter truth no one can change. But there is another truth that you cannot live alone. People might change they might not, but trusting or not trusting someone because of your past experience will leave you with nothing but loneliness.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is when someone breaks your heart don’t punish others for their mistakes. Life goes on and you deserve happiness. When you find a person who makes you happy, I say gamble again and maybe you’ll find exactly what you were looking for.

Fat or Skinny

I feel like its not even a choice anymore. I’m not saying this because people will judge you or bully you. I’m saying this because its the truth. Even if people say it doesn’t matter that they don’t judge anyone by the looks, you will always be treated differently than average or skinny people. Being fat is like wearing a costume to a formal evening. People look at you like you are a criminal. Now all this aside most people say its for their good they will get the motivation to slim down and be healthy. Now see I get obesity but there are people who are just plum and they can be as healthy, heck healthier than you with the only difference being they enjoy their food as much as you enjoy your workout. Life isn’t hard but our judgemental minds make it difficult for us and others to even breathe freely. Maybe next time you see a fat person try being more open to the fact that they may be really interesting people. Leave the judgement behind and you’ll see how easy it really is….


What is freedom ? And why do we crave it so badly ? I was honestly always better off being told what to do and run on a schedule designed by someone for me. I never needed freedom till around some time back I realized, I have no dreams no ambitions of my own left. I’m doing what others tell me is good for me and everything was fine but I guess I started losing my emotions. I had no interest left in doing what I was doing it was all an act a show to adjust to the goal set in front of me by someone else and my identity lost in the confusion of someone else’s goals for me. I think that’s why we need freedom so that we don’t lose ourselves under the burden of others. Our dream might be crazy n it might not make us very successful but it will give us passion and it will give us happiness. There is no greater peace than being comfortable with your life, and that can never happen if someone else choses it for you. I guess that’s what freedom is and should be a choice to be ourselves without having to explain or hurt others feelings by our choice. Each and everyone of us has to know its ok to be weird in our own way and not have to hide or erase that side just for the sake of society or anyone else. That’s what freedom is in the end to be comfortable in our own skin..!!

The Unsent Letter

​Dear best friend,

  I know you want to laugh reading the above line itself but hold on. I have to say some things to you and I know I won’t be able to say them to your face.

  My life is a very simple one but you are the crazy adventure I look forward to everyday. I have tried to be the perfect person in all aspects of my life and I struggle with it everyday, but with you I’m myself. Its a relief meeting you, no masks, no drama, no trying to be perfect struggle. You are the therapist and the family I can go to anytime without worrying about what you will think about me. You have been a sister, a brother, a partner in crime, a teacher and pretty much anything I needed at the moment. 

  We’ve known each other long enough to understand we’re very different people but that difference never mattered. Only thing that mattered was you being there for me, and you were just like I was there for you. You taught me a lot and I pretty much became a teacher for you. We had our differences, our fights, and a lot of them too, but get past that was as easy as starting one. 

  So, my point being thank you my bestie for always being there, for understanding when I couldn’t explain myself. When we grow up we thank our parents and family for their support but forget our friends who have more than been there through our tough times making us believe in ourselves, and you have done just that. Its hard for parents to understand us everytime especially in our teenage. You being the backup made me feel like I could fight the entire universe (sarcastically speaking of course). You gave me the confidence that I could make my own decisions and it was okay to screw up sometimes. We’re not perfect we never were but our stupid crazy lunatic friendship has been the best time of my life. Thank you for being my friend and letting me be yours. Our journey has been crazy and I know this for a fact that my boring life is colorless without you. 

  I know “friendship mein no sorry no thank you” rule, but you more than deserve it. Love you always.

  – Your idiot..!!

Dream Destination

A place where we want to go and a place where we find our happiness, a place that gives us peace maybe is the destination of our dreams. We have dream destination because we imagine ourselves happy there, it gives us hope. So, I asked myself where truly am I happy, at peace and full of hope? Answer pretty simple, yet surprising. My dream destination is in fact “My dream” or dreams really. It can be a sweet apple pie dream or a nightmare but a dream will leave an impact very different from actually going somewhere. I love traveling and camping and the long walks on the beach or a card game with friends but a dream triumphs it all. Our mind knows us more than we realize and when you sleep at night you are free to roam a world that doesn’t exist and go on adventures that fill you with hope for the next day. I have always found a new confidence to face the day when its a victory in dreamland. In a dream you are free and whatever you imagine becomes a reality. The magic, the fairy tales, everything comes to life in our dreams.

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

– William Dement.

Dreams are an illusion, one that inspires us and pushes our thoughts. Dreams are a place where you can fly without wings, and I don’t know any other destinations offering this service. Sweet Dreams..!!

Talk of silence 

We talk to so many people everyday; friends, family, neighbors, etc. We never know the truth behind the laughs, the talk behind the silence. We listen to reply to say something witty and amazing so people will like us. Hardly do we try to see if the person is in pain or has a problem he’s going through. But have you noticed when we ourselves are upset or low we too drop signs hoping for someone to notice, someone to say something, to ask us if we’re ok; and we also get disappointed when they don’t. We never see the signs yet hope someone else does. There’s sometimes a talk behind that silence, a cry for help or a shoulder to cry on or just a friend to help through our loneliness. We ignore the signs and see our friends drifting away or we distance away ’cause none of us could understand the silence or the talk. 

A love story

A love story is always of two people. Two people who are sometimes similar, sometimes opposites. It doesn’t matter how different or same these two people are all it takes is a moment, a moment in which there is a feeling of complete trust and belonging between these two people. A love story begins when these two people are no longer afraid to show the other their vulnerabilities and faults.

  Love is giving the other person the power to destroy you and trusting that he won’t. 

Falling in love is the biggest happiness and one that everyone deserves. But love is a luxury not enjoyed by all. Everyone falls in love atleast once in their lives. But not everyone’s love story is a fairytale with the happily ever after. But everyone gets a love story happy sad or incomplete make sure you live your love fully or else you might end up with lots of stories but no love story…

Challenge or choice 

Never understood if life is a challenge or a choice difficult times come with difficult decisions. What I still haven’t understood is that is it a choice that we have to make or a challenge to see if we can follow our dreams. Nothing is ever in our favour and when eventually it is we have already changed the road. There was a dialog in the film that, “gaadi samne thi letter hath mein tha thodi himmat ki hoti toh zindagi kuch aur hoti.” very true and inspiring. But life is not movies right, so in reality letter bhi tab aata hai jab gaadi nikal chuki ho aur hum aage badh gaye ho. 

Life tests you in ways we can never imagine but the question still remains is it a challenge to stay with our dreams or a choice to change our dreams ? 


Dilemmas are the most common problems in everyone’s life. Dilemma between good and bad, between other people’s expectations and our wishes and dreams. The first part is pretty easy because we almost always know that we have to do the right thing the good thing. The second part is where things are a little complicated. I have always found myself in that space and almost always considered people’s expectations first. Thing is when we do that we forget the fact that we are not doing things we love or things we wanna do. Our decisions in these dilemmas affect us in ways we never see at first. But as time passes by we have lost sight of the things we loved the things we once dreamed and the dilemma becomes the happiness you could have had. Yes fulfilling our loved one’s expectations may bring us joy but following our dreams and watch them come true is a feeling you cannot compare with any joy and the people who love you will still ve there and eventually with similar expectations as yours. So this time I give you this free advise that next time you have to chose between expectations and dreams chose dreams because expectations change and dreams grow..!!